The victory of any software is not solely dependent on development, but also on its Quality.

Manual Testing We offer different types of complete manual testing services to make sure that the final release meets the quality standards. Our qualified QA team does testing at every phase, identifies errors, and tracks them to guarantee their closure before the ultimate delivery.

Automation Testing Manual testing is laborious, inefficient, and expensive due to the ever-expanding codebase and added functionality. We offer automated services to simplify the process of software testing. The process automates all essential tasks and functions to improve quality and effectiveness.

Features/Services Quality assurance is the promise of Ameo Solutions Technologies. We offer a wide range of software testing services and solutions that includes everything, which enables us to deliver a quality product speedily.

Functional Testing Our functional testing service is a crucial element to strengthen the quality of software. We implement it during the early stage of development to check for the functionality of the application and its relation to users. This maintains the functionality & excellence of the system, and ensures reliable steadiness of the end result.

UI Testing Never lose a chance to make a first impression with our end-to-end UI testing services. We ensure that the product has a clean and attractive user interface so it can entice and engross users. We address UI concerns at an early stage and make sure that all the graphical elements, screen orientations and visual prototypes are properly organized and accessible.