Ameo’s core business is into temporary staffing, permanent placement and volume hiring. Since inception of our staffing solutions has grown multi-fold with global offices. We know what works best for our clients and what doesn’t. This is the key differentiator and this is how we edge over the competition.

Why choose AMEO for staffing:

Our staffing model and staffing team is the key for our success. We follow 2 in-the-box model and are consecutively responsible for client management and resourcing. Team Ameo is well experienced and are industry champions in staffing and services. Our team works as an extended recruitment partner for the client manager and functions as an integral staffing team.
We help our client fulfill their business demands by staffing and deploying the human resource needs at right time first.
The key differentiator is the wide spectrum of technology and consulting experience Ameo has. We have worked on different domains and verticals including BFSI, Engineering, Retail, Oil and gas, travel and hospitality, Tech clients. Not to say, we have very good experience in hiring for our client starting vanilla skills to recent Big-data technologies.

Information Technology (IT) Staffing:

Business is totally dependent on the modern and innovative technologies, and Ameo provides robust IT talents that connect human resource with technology needs. We deliver world-class IT professional to our clients to meet and fulfil their technology and innovative demands. From high-tech start up to Fortune 500 clients, rely on Ameo as their technology staffing partner.

Office admin and Sales/Marketing staffing:

We are the top preferred staffing partner for non-tech skills like office, general administration, sales and marketing. Ameo understands the business demands of their clients and fulfils the human resource and operational demands with high quality industry well-experienced resources.

Executive staffing and recruitment:

Ameo delivers the talent for your leadership and executive level demands that carry a success story and made impact in the previous organizations. We have delivered business and technology leaders to our client, who will make the impact to your organizations vision and mission and lead for future success.


AMEO’s RPO model is successful and our clients experience excellent resourcing support. We work like the client’s extended recruitment team and functions as your integral resourcing department. Our CRO’s understand the recruitment needs and delivers the resourcing needs with a great turn-around time. We work on building more agile, cost effective RPO model that helps our clients create a robust workforce in-line with their business goals. Are you under pressure to fulfil the critical talent needs for the business vision? We provide a scalable, high-quality talent that fits your work environment and work in align with your organizations vision and mission.

Implementation planning and Billing

At times scope, specification and implementation plans of an engagement are not easy to define and specify at the outset. For such projects the effort estimation for all the elements and aspects of the project and for all stages is usually not possible right at the beginning. In such situation resource utilization based billing is done. There is a specific rate associated with each resource depending on the experience, skill, role etc. of the resource in the project. The effort is charged on this pre-agreed rate (hourly, weekly, monthly) until the project is delivered in its totality.

Offshore Development Center

The relevance and success of the Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become the de-facto business model for the IT economy. This is apparent from the phenomenal growth rate of ODC’s which makes it a definite business proposition. At service provider’s end these teams are reserved exclusively for client’s projects and are exclusively trained to work in the client’s domain and technology area. Further, a relationship / process manual are compiled that reflects the standards, workflow, processes, methodologies and the escalation procedures which are to be adapted for the client’s ODC.

  • Virtual extension of client’s operating environment in India
  • Provides enormous cost benefits
  • Exploits time zone advantage
  • Allows focus on core competencies
  • Facilitates dedicated software teams with long term focus

OCD Buyout Options and Operations

Our OCD Model is based on the requirements of the Client and will be run on a pre-defined terms and conditions. In this case the ODC will be set up and managed by Ameo for the client for a particular period of time. Ameo would manage the operation of the ODC for a predefined period of time after which based on a few terms and conditions, the ODC will be transferred to the Client control. In case the Client would like to buy the ODC, the purchase value of the ODC would be calculated as being equal to three months billing for the engineers being transferred from the ODC to the Client. All facilities / infrastructure used by the ODC could also be acquired by the Client on payment of the written down value of the facility / infrastructure. The ODC buy option would be available only after a minimum period of six months after the ODC has been operational. This helps the client to build up its own facility in India without having to be exposed to entry-level hassles.