Cloud Computing

With IT implementation costs sky-rocketing, AMEO’s “just-in- time” Cloud Computing services can implement enterprise-level IT infrastructure without companies having to pay enterprise- level prices.

In today’s fast-changing IT and consumer environment, enterprises today are struggling to keep apace of the most up-to- date software and infrastructure maintenance needed for today’s business demands. But while IT hardware are becoming more powerful, efficient, and cheaper than ever before, the cost of implementing, maintaining, and upgrading an enterprise-level application infrastructure “on your own” have sky-rocketed.

Cloud computing provides an affordable, elegant solution to businesses who desire an enterprise-level IT infrastructure without wanting to pay enterprise-level prices.

It enables convenient on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources—you pay only for what you use and access only what your business needs, with hardware, network and support “paid for as a service.

With these pay-as- you-go services, organizations no longer need to invest in costly software and IT infrastructure, routine maintenance and upgrading costs, so businesses can now enjoy the same security, compliance, transparency, reliance and scalability of competent IT infrastructure—at a fraction of the price of traditional IT development “from the ground up.” With Cloud Computing, any size businesses now have access to almost limitless technology resources formerly available to only the largest companies.