Talent Referral

AMEO Solutions. is highly regarded in the industry for its commitment to its clients and its top-quality consultants. We can offer you a unique environment that will allow you to take your career in various directions.


Employee Referral Program

Help AMEOSOLUTIONS continue to be “Simply the best” through referring talented people! Good people like you are hard to find!

We have found that employee referrals are one of the most successful ways to attract top professional talent. Our employee referral program allows you to easily make candidate referrals.


Why should I refer someone?

An employee referral program is such a good way to help find talented and energetic people like you, while rewarding you for it! The goal of this referral program, with your help, is to attract qualified candidates who are seeking a career with our company. In order for our company to continue to be “Simply the Best!” and maintain its reputation for being a premier employer, we need to continue to build upon our talented team.


The best part is the payoff of $750!

Not only can you help build upon Ameo Solution´s talented group of people, but if you refer a candidate that is hired, and the position is eligible, we will pay you a $750 referral bonus. You´ve got it, a referral bonus. So start thinking about who you know.