Mobile Solutions

Wireless & Mobile Solutions

AMEO´s Wireless and Mobile solutions focuses on wireless protocols, mobile and wireless applications, mobile network management and the emerging convergence areas. The various offerings are targeted at the application layer, middleware layer as well as the hardware layer for hand held, access and core network equipment.

AMEO has good expertise in the area of Wireless and Mobile technologies such as wireless services, wireless applications and wireless stacks and delivering content and business intelligence to mobile devices. We assist mobile, wireless companies across the full project life cycle-and also offer billing, customer care and order management implementations services.


Service Offering:

AMEO brings to you comprehensive solutions in wireless and mobile domain offering significant competitive advantages. The expertise offered are in the areas of mobile: protocols/applications and includes PDA´s, Mobile Smart phones, Mobile terminals, Hand-held computers.


Wireless Protocols:

2G, 2.5G, 3G and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi Max, 802.11, CDMA, GPRS, GSM, GSM/GPRS and UMTS

  • Wireless Application development.
  • Mobile Application Platforms.
  • Wireless smart phone & handset services and solutions.

Wireless Application Development: AMEO offers a wide range of wireless/mobile application development such as helping organizations get on the wireless web by integrating their existing enterprise applications with wireless web, wireless enabling existing applications, wireless stacks, migrating from proprietary/legacy solutions to latest wireless/ mobile technologies.

Mobile Application Platforms
Our Mobile Application developers work hand-in-hand with client teams to maintain the integrity of the design and/or mobile campaign.

Wireless smart phone & handset services and solutions
Our mobile development capabilities also include various other emerging mobile technologies for Smart phones, which enable us to develop comprehensive mobile initiatives. Our resources are primarily available in North America, right where the mobile evolution is happening.